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Many organisations are shifting to ClickDebt’s cloud based systems to make their service operations faster and more efficient which ClickDebt does while ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction. One way this is achieved is because there is no need for lengthy set up times which gives customers and partners the ability to look at their accounts, verify information and pursue related education and certificates quickly without interruption or delay.

Customisation and development abilities are great features of Cloud computing which has been adapted by ClickDebt’s case management software to let a client change an environment as well as customise it. This is a real shake up to the normal, site server based operations as this can make things work the way that a client wants them to work through customisable workflows.

Typically, if a client wants to make a change to a site based server system it would take 2-3 weeks with 5 people working on the project. ClickDebt’s system negates these problems as it allows a client could make the change straight away themselves at their desk top without any costs or can instantly use a part another client’s workflow to fix the problem.

ClickDebt have transformed the client’s organisations that work with them by reducing overheads and increasing productivity resulting in larger profits that have allowed their business’s to grow by over 100%. ClickDebt’s system is customisable as well as intuitive meaning that when a case comes in, rather than running it through an operations team, finance or legal teams, where it would be put in the queue, the workflow takes control of the case.

Once in the workflow the case is automatically pushed along as well as performing internal case management. The outcome of this is that there is no longer the team of many layers of staff and management to do the job ClickDebt’s system does it for a client. One of ClickDebt’s large corporate clients shed 60% of their workforce but increased production by 500% due to using the system.

Finally, the ClickDebt system is affordable for all levels of clients big or small as a client only pays per license they use without expensive set up costs and are not tied into a long term agreement. This allows a small company to have the benefit of the system without prohibitive costs that are associated with traditional agreements for case management systems by allowing the 3 user license company to pay for just three user licences. If the client is not happy then usually after 12 months the contract can be broken without any penality’s.