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Next Generation Credit Control Software

A unique system that allows a client to automate the creation and delivery of credit control letters or electronic communications to exact business rules that automatically monitors and enforces credit control procedures without committing valuable employee resources.

Automate the creation and delivery of credit control letters or electronic communications around your ideal process.

Credit Limits
Establish workflow automation processes so that all decision makers are consulted before key clients are placed on hold, receive a credit control communication or have their credit limit amended.

Instant Oversight
Monitor and enforce credit control procedures without committing valuable employee resources.

Real-time Information
Better support credit control decisions by integrating data from credit reference agencies or other web services with your accounting or ERP application data. Inform other employees about credit control status changes via email, SMS or a CRM account record update.


  •  Automatic letters, email or texts
  •  Log in from anywhere in the world
  •  Compatible with accounting software
  •  Create your own workflows
  •  Status changes via email, SMS or CRM


  •  Automatic SMS and letter chasing
  •  Account segmentation
  •  Promised cash calculator
  •  Dispute flags to hold key accounts
  •  Extensive MI reporting


  •  Reduce bad debt
  •  Improve cash-flow
  •  Dispute manager
  •  Cost and time efficiency
  •  CRM for credit controllers


ISO 27001 PCI DSS Servers

ClickDebt is hosted on powerful, secure servers giving your organisation the ability to grow, fast.


Instant Management Information

All users can access data in real-time, reducing mistakes, improving communications and giving teams the ability to work anywhere.


Automation, bulk actions and instant reports

Powerful tools and reports give the ability to change, monitor and improve your business processes at any time to drive efficiency.



Don't loose valuable data again

Keep every record on a case, securely in the Cloud, backed up automatically by our systems everyday.


Android and iOS mobile apps

Work from anywhere with robust reporting and remote team management apps for smartphone and mobile internet enabled devices.


Extend and enhance your existing platforms

ClickDebt connects with other services through our API, including: SMS, Mailing, Dialers, Payments and many other 3rd Party Services

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